The Four Year Plan









My nursing career seems to be on a four year plan. I work four years at a job then get laid off. This has now happened to me three times in the past twelve years. There’s definitely a pattern going on here.

First there was the geriatric internal medicine office where I worked as a manager. Restructuring took place and I was left without a job. I was traumatized, an emotional wreck. “Since when do nurses get laid off?” I asked myself over and over.

I recovered from this devastating experience by taking a job in the medical review department at Medicare. Not my favorite job but it was less stressful than what I had experienced in the office setting. Salary and benefits were good. Four years passed and word was out that the office would be closing if the contract was lost. The contract was lost but I jumped ship before it was a done deal. The good news was that I found the perfect job. I became a visiting nurse.

The next four years working for a small visiting nurse agency in the town where I lived were incredibly fulfilling. I was back to taking care of patients and was loving every minute of it. The salary was so-so, the benefits decent. I had good supervisors. For the first time I worked as a union employee which gave me a feeling of being protected. I could see myself doing this work until I retired. But I forgot…four years had passed and it was time for all good things to come to an end. And it did last week when it was announced that the agency was closing.

So once again, I am going through the emotional experience of being laid off. This time is pretty tough since there are patients that I have become very close to and I can’t seem to reconcile myself to saying good-bye to them.

Early in my career, I worked at a place until I decided to leave. I lasted sixteen years at my very first job, thirteen at the next. It was a time when nurses didn’t get laid off, contracts weren’t lost, health facilities didn’t close.

Funny thing is that now I am just four years away from retirement so if my next job plays out right it should take me right to the end of my career. But who knows in today’s job market if my career will suddenly shift to a two year plan or even a one year plan. No job, not even a nurse’s, is secure. I can attest to that.

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  1. nurse Talk Says:

    Wonderful Contribution to the field of nursing!

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