Please Santa, Bring Some Presents for My Patients

christmas gift

I wrote out a Christmas “wish list” for my patients today since we were told to get it in to the social worker by November 1 this year. Anonymous donors in our community go Christmas shopping for the patients that we have selected for gift-giving. I’ve chosen three patients that meet the financial need criteria that we go by.

My patients have either no family or family that sporadically pops in and out of their lives. They don’t stay long enough or seem to care enough to make a difference. One of the patients on my list finds more comfort from the birds in her yard than she does from the people in her life. For her, I put bird seed on her list. More than anything she wants her birds taken care of. 

The other woman on my list sleeps on an old sleep sofa surrounded by piles and piles of bags. I have never been able to figure out what is in those bags. She never wears more than an old nightgown and a stained sweater. I worry about her being cold. She needs soft flannel sheets for her bed.

The last person on my list is a man I’ve been taking care of for about a year. He always has a big smile for me when I visit him but he has trouble speaking because of a stroke. Most of his basic needs are met by an assortment of community services. He just doesn’t have any one who will bring him anything special. I think he’d be thrilled with a simple food basket with fresh fruit, small boxes of cookies, and a bag of hard candy. We don’t have as many donors as we used to. Times are hard. I wish we could do even more to make the holidays special for these folks. Oh Santa……

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