Tai Chi for What Hurts You

For years I have done tai chi for arthritis, a form developed by Dr. Paul Lam. My neck gave me alot of trouble due to bone spurs, arthritis, and muscle tension. Tai chi made a difference. Not only was my flexibility increased but I also improved my balance, learned how to slow down, and breathe deeply. Whether you have arthritis or not, the form is a gentle one and easy for anyone to learn. To learn more about this form, go to http://www.taichiforarthritis.com/.

The benefits of tai chi grow. A recent government study showed that tai chi  helps to prevent shingles, a painful viral infection that inflicts older people: http://www.nih.gov/news/pr/apr2007/nia-06.htm. This is great news for baby boomers and the elderly since the risk of getting shingles increases as you get older. Shingles often results in a lingering painful condition called post-herpatic neuropathy. So get going and learn tai chi. It is good for what hurts you!

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3 Comments on “Tai Chi for What Hurts You”

  1. Family Resource Says:

    It is great to hear that Tai chi helped you! I did not do much tai chi before but i really love the smooth movements of tai chi.

  2. cwall34 Says:

    I love the smooth movements too! It took me a while to learn them but well worth the effort. The more I have done the form, the more I have learned to breath with each movement and that is when the real benefits come. I have been teaching some tai chi movements to my patients. For example, patients who have balance problems or emphysema patients with breathing problems. They really like it.
    I hope you keep doing tai chi!

  3. JBBC Says:

    It’s good to hear your stories. I posted a story recently about the benefits of Tai chi to cancer patients:

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